How much do bloggers make?

NBC asked the top 130 New York bloggers how much they made from their sites. The results are revealing:

  • 17% – over $1,000/month
  • 14% – $200-500/month
  • 4% – $100/month
  • 14% – less that $100/month
  • 51% – NOTHING

Guy Kawasaki, a top 100 blogger, reckons he earned $3,350 in his first year from Google ads; although the advertising on his site now is much more visible and perhaps he’ll earn more. I don’t think he’s going to give up running his VC business or writing books to live off his blogging income.

So, does any of you make any money from blogging? Are the amounts made in Romania comparable with those in New York?

For me blogging is fun. It builds connections with interesting people. Readers’ comments and feedback inspire me.

– Claudiu Florea


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