Blogging vs journalism

Is blogging a valid form of journalism?

For some reason, many journalists and journalism students are still asking questions framed around the assumption that “bloggers” and “journalists” are mutually exclusive species. They also seem to assume that “journalists” are defined as people who work in “mainstream media”. Both of these assumptions are wrong.

Blogs are just a publishing technology, which can be used for distributing any type of content, including journalism. Some bloggers are journalists but most are not.

The real distinction is not based on the characteristics of the content published with these tools, but an economic distinction between an established business model based on mass-market publishing and a new type of micro-publishing that is based on inexpensive tools and low-cost infrastructure.

The real conflict is economic: specifically, the disruption to traditional publishing businesses caused by the drastic reduction in barriers to entry to publishing.

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– by claudiu florea


Un răspuns to “Blogging vs journalism”

  1. Adrian Cristea Says:

    -Most bloggers are just people talking to their friends about whatever happens to be important to them.
    -Journalists tend to think of blogs as micropublications by people who aspire to compete with them.
    -In fact, most blogs are just people having conversations.

    That’s a superb conclusion, bro!

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